What are the most common misunderstandings about washing machines at the moment?

It’s a misunderstanding that 1600 rpm washing machines are always better. However, the difference during centrifugation with a 1400 rpm washing machine is limited. There are washing machines that spin at 1400 rpm and do this better than the 1600 machines.

This while a washing machine that spins at 1600 rpm is often 15-20% more expensive to buy. Don’t blindly follow the manufacturer’s specifications and do research on a website about wasmachines to know everything before you buy.

Search for the residual moisture percentage

Do you really want to judge the difference between a 1400 and 1600 rpm washing machine? Look at the residual moisture percentage in the specifications.

Usually for a 1400 rpm machine this is 52% and for a 1600 rpm machine this percentage is 44%. In principle, the lower the better, because your laundry will dry faster. This is especially important if you often use the dryer.

  • If your laundry is on the washing line, you will save a lot on the purchase of a 1400 rpm washing machine. We recommend a 1600 rpm washing machine if you dry several times a week in the tumble dryer.

We recommend: 1400 rpm washing machines or these 1600 rpm washing machines.

Tip 2: An energy-efficient washing machine and speed do not go hand in hand
A++++ is not the most energy-efficient washing machine We all want an energy-efficient washing machine. And that’s good for your energy bill and the environment, of course. But there’s also another side to the coin.

  • The energy label A++++ has long since been overtaken by washing machines that are even -10%, -20%…up to 60% more efficient. In part, the label is also misleading, because the energy label is only based on the eco-efficient washing programme and is also converted into one kilo of laundry.
    Few households will only use the long-term eco-programme.
  • This has also led to an increase in the filling capacity of the drum. The standard drum size for today is the 7, 8 or 9 kilo drum. A few years ago this was still the 5 kilo drum. And that’s a pity what an A++++ 7 kilo washing machine uses less energy than an A++++ 9 kilo washing machine.
  • Another thing you should know. The eco-washing programmes may be very energy efficient, but they do take their time. Eco-washing programmes that take longer than 4 hours are no exception. Fortunately, there are speed programmes, but they do use a little more energy. It’s a choice between two evils.

Which Credit Card Charges Do I Have To Pay? And Do I Get A BKR Registration In The Netherlands?

Curious about the credit card costs you can expect and would you like to know more about the comparison you can make to minimize those costs? We’ll give you an overview of the most important costs, so you’ll have a good idea of what they are. Want to know more about Geld lenen met BKR? Lees hier meer.

The credit card costs can be quite high due to high interest rates, which makes it worthwhile to pay some attention to this in advance. In addition, it is wise to take a good look at the costs per month and the costs for their actual use.

Costs per month

When you apply for a credit card, this is done on the basis of a contract, which means that you will incur certain costs per month. These are the costs you pay to use the credit card. It doesn’t matter if you use the credit card several times a month or if you have it purely for backup.

Do you make relatively little use of the credit card? Then it is worthwhile to reduce the fixed costs per month in particular. This way, you avoid paying a high amount per month for a card that you hardly use.

Costs for use of the creditcard

On the other hand, do you use your credit card much more often? Then it is wise to take a good look at the costs for the actual use of the credit card. Every time you make a payment abroad, a fee is charged for it, just like when you want to withdraw money. It is wise to compare these costs, especially if you regularly travel abroad and wish to use your credit card for this purpose. In this way, you can keep the credit card costs under control.