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I don’t accept there’s a homeschooling mother out there who has not handled inquiries regarding socialization. As a lone child family, you may feel doubly focused on. Good natured loved ones contended that our little girl should have been in a conventional school setting since she didn’t have kin to assist her with learning to share and work out contrasts. Secretly, I didn’t need her exposed to a study hall of same-age peers who might help shape her feeling of self.


So I purposed to fill in the holes left by the nonappearance of siblings and sisters. One of the main exercises we showed her was regard: for herself, for other people, and for things. Straightforward, I know; likewise helpful as by and large life esteems. Applied to homeschooling, these standards showed our little girl the components of genuine socialization, not what society calls socialization. She was instructed to regard herself in her idea life and in her picture of herself as a brilliant, merciful, and solid child of God. Regarding others became significant when we visited the library and when tuning in to the guidelines for her math task. Regard for things grew normally out of conversations of God’s creation. Thinking about her own toys, the delicate things in our home, and things obtained from companions became out of that.



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