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The one thing I in life that I have never been is a “wish I had.” The “wish I had” is that person that everybody has met at some point in their life. It’s that guy that says “I wish that I had bought that stock when it was sitting at $50 a share,now it’s at $350. I could have been rich!” When it went to $100 the “wish I had” still didn’t buy, they just watched until it hit the $350 mark. This is the type of person that will always be dependent on everyone else, always owed something for free, a non-go-getter.


This is the guy that I’m not. Everyone of us has potential to do something great in life no matter how small. The difference between greatness and being average is the amount of effort you put into a project or an idea. The people that succeed in life are always the one’s that took the risk to do so. Nothing in life is free, you have to work for it. Don’t give up, look ahead and realize that the gold is at the end of the rainbow.

Every day that I sit in front of the computer working on my business directory I think, “I can’t wait until I’m done building out my categories.” This is the hardest part of what I’m doing right now. It is perhaps the most mind numbing experience I’ve had and sometimes I just have to take a break, but I won’t quit. I have compiled years of research into this project and it shows in the quality that it will bring to the table. This is what drives me to succeed. Have a vision and see it through, plain and simple.

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