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Organic Conroe SEO – I am embarking on a new series entitled “Optimize Your Site Speed”. Each part will feature different areas in which you can improve the page load time on your website and/or blog. Because Google now uses site speed as a determining factor in your ranking positions, it is imperative that you do all that you can in order to boost the load time of your site. Today we will be talking about gzip compression.



Importance of organic Conroe SEO

Gzip compression is a technique whereby the server that is loading your content sends over a compressed version of your page that is currently loading. You’ve seen zipped files before, and you have probably had to use some program to “unzip” them in order to bring out all the content. Before it is “unzipped”, all the content is hid away in a small little file. This is what the server does to your page content. Basically here’s how it all plays out:

–>Your browser sends out a request to your server that your content be compressed on its return
–>The server agrees to this request under your pre-specified conditions and zips up your content
–>The browser then thanks the server for the zipped file and unzips it for your visitors when the page loads
Such a nice thing to do, right? I would agree. Gzip compression can drastically reduce your page size (up to 75% ish) and optimize your site speed. It is something you definitely want to look into if you haven’t already implemented it on your blog yet.

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