What is the most smart way of investing money into bookkeeping?

Always try to keep the income and expenses for the business separate from your private expenses as much as possible. That makes it easier to follow them and that saves you a lot of time and (if you outsource accounting) money. Especially if you want to have a goedkope boekhouder zzp it’s smart to always compare prices for boekhouders Eindhoven or boekhouders Almere to save a lot of money.

Open a separate bank or giro account for your business that you do not use for your private spending; only pay expenses for the case through that account;
Pay as little cash as possible: ask regular suppliers if you can buy on account; if that is not possible, then checks and debit cards are a solution;
Check all invoices as soon as you receive them; if you are liable for VAT, also check whether the VAT amount is stated;

  • Request (written) receipts everywhere and check whether they are clear enough; check whether the VAT amount is stated separately; write down the receipts for what it is and how you paid (if it is not stated);
  • Keep all receipts in a fixed place and regularly split them into cash or bank / giro (checks / pins);
  • If your staff does the shopping for you, make sure they also ask for receipts and put them back in the greenhouse with the change.

Classify income and expenses

You know best what is going on in your case and what costs you have to keep an eye on, so you can also best think about what data you want to retrieve from your accounts later. Setting up the columns or the account scheme is an important decision. Check for yourself which cost categories you want to follow separately.

Look at all your different business units

You may also want the income to be broken down by business unit or groups of customers; you also need:

  • private deposits;
  • VAT received 6%;
  • VAT received 21%.

PLEASE NOTE: even with 0% VAT you must at least report this on the invoice. If the reverse charge regulation applies, you must also state this.

Beware of too many invoices: during the entry of the journal entries, the various cost and income items must still be clearly distinguishable. As soon as a post can be placed in two or more sections, the system is too extensive.

In most accounting software programs you can often group the various accounts into headings, for which separate total counts are made. In any case, it is useful to group the cost accounts and income accounts into separate sections.

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